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Dec 2017
Dec 16 2017 17:48 UTC
@JC123 :point_up: December 7, 2017 1:08 AM - you know how you were awesome with PvP Sigils two weeks ago, could you pull out the list of PvP Rune ids too please? The names of the ones I'm looking for are:
Rune of Altruism
Rune of Evasion
Rune of Exuberance
Rune of Radiance
Rune of Resistance
Rune of Surging
Rune of Thorns
Rune of Tormenting
Rune of the Aristocracy
Rune of the Daredevil
Rune of the Deadeye
Rune of the Dragonhunter
Rune of the Druid
Rune of the Firebrand
Rune of the Herald
Rune of the Holosmith
Rune of the Lynx
Rune of the Mad King
Rune of the Mirage
Rune of the Reaper
Rune of the Renegade
Rune of the Revenant
Rune of the Scrapper
Rune of the Soulbeast
Rune of the Spellbreaker
Rune of the Sunless
Rune of the Tempest
Rune of the Trapper
Rune of the Traveler
Rune of the Weaver
Dec 16 2017 17:49 UTC
oh yeah i forgot
Dec 16 2017 17:51 UTC
no worries you were super helpful anyway, I and I forgot about doing the runes too.
Dec 16 2017 18:06 UTC
Altruism 65238
Evasion 73911
Exuberance 65237
Radiance 71980
Resistance 65224
Surging 72334
Thorns 74108
Tormenting 65233
Aristocracy 73079
Daredevil 75995
Deadeye 85573
Dragonhunter 73887
Druid 72415
Firebrand 85578
Herald 73492
Holosmith 85617
Lynx 79983
Mad King 65236
Mirage 85602
Reaper 77011
Renegade 85559
Revenant 70651
Scrapper 71490
Soulbeast 85606
Spellbreaker 85527
Sunless 65241
Tempest 73709
Trapper 75041
Traveler 65239
Weaver 85588
Dec 16 2017 18:19 UTC
thanks man