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Dec 2017
Dec 20 2017 03:19 UTC
api ratelimits were something like 600 a minute, right?
Dec 20 2017 03:22 UTC
yup, you can also check the headers
umm, unrelated, but is there something like winauth for linux?
literally every linux authenticator app is command line <.<
Dec 20 2017 03:52 UTC
oh, nvm, crossover17 got me covered :D
Dec 20 2017 14:55 UTC
hehe, on the other hand, if you don't like your family and want to get away asap...... yeah sorry, i have an emergency at work... things are on fire
Dec 20 2017 14:58 UTC
do you really want to work during the holidays? :D
go on, git push --force
Dec 20 2017 15:05 UTC
deploy or not, you’re still going to end up fixing someone’s computer.
hahaha, true