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Dec 2017
Dec 27 2017 16:40
Hey, sorry if that's probably the 1000th time someone's asking this, but is @lye back into API development or what's up? I just did read that he got some other position at ANet and wouldn't have time for API anymore?
Eearslya Sleiarion
Dec 27 2017 16:42
They're setting up a team so that gameplay programmers have better access to help out with the API. lye is the web lead now, so there's a lot of management on his plate instead of programming.
Enno G.
Dec 27 2017 17:29
Uhhh, I guess congrats to the promotion :smile:
Dec 27 2017 17:32
that's quite a while now, since Pat waved goodbye
Dec 27 2017 17:33
Oh, that's good to hear. So I guess at the moment we won't have quick updates but that should change at some point unknown?
Dec 27 2017 17:35
that's kinda confirmed
Dec 27 2017 20:33
i still like his dream of viewing the API as a project with him as owner
that would be pretty nice