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Jan 2018
Jan 21 2018 00:21 UTC
Hey, I'm trying to add the GW2 api for discord. How would I do that? I'm using C#, if that helps
Quaggan BooOOoot
Jan 21 2018 00:31 UTC

Discord API for C#?
by PandemicalPanda.6175 in API Development

Hey, so I wanted to make a bot for discord that utilized GW2's API. Is there any existing API's that are recent that I could use? I'm using Visual Studio as an IDE if that helps.

New discussion in API Development:
Jan 21 2018 06:14 UTC
you would call it like any usual REST api
Jan 21 2018 14:58 UTC
to my knowledge there isn't any up-to-date c# library for the api
so you have to write your own wrapper around it, or adept to a REST library
i don't have any recommendations for a specific REST library though