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Jan 2018
Quaggan BooOOoot
Jan 24 2018 02:31
New discussion in API Development:

Gold to Gem prices are not working.
by Tapni.4917 in API Development

Sadly I don't have knowledge to develope API. But I can't be the only one who has noticed that all the trackers using API have reported gem prices at same amount since Jan 11 2018. Still googling about this problem you don't get a single proper hit. To whom should this bug be informed?
I'd like to know when to buy my gems. ;)

Jan 24 2018 02:41
abolish computers
Jan 24 2018 13:06
maybe the gem conversion issue is related to the other issue with the tp listings that a few people have?
Jan 24 2018 16:48
the anet tracked posts on the forums are broken for me -_-
the xhr request gives a 400
  "Code": 400,
  "Exception": "Error fetching next tracked comment.",
  "Class": "Gdn_UserException"