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Jan 2018
David Reeß
Jan 26 2018 01:18 UTC
@Archomeda The history is from gw2spidy*, yeah, the rest of the data is from the API itself
@lye Current transactions are still broken for some people :(
Jan 26 2018 16:09 UTC
is the guild processing line window ever gonna get fixed? lol
Eearslya Sleiarion
Jan 26 2018 16:10 UTC
I see no problems, that's an accurate representation of 170% :D
Jan 26 2018 16:10 UTC
yeah, with an ETA of -1h and -21s hehe
sad day. the official server of our indie mmo, perpetuum, went down for the last time
A nice eli5 of meltdown
Sad @boyc
Did you get around opening the server software for public use?
yeah and one of the devs took the official database and will be continuing to run it from home
Jan 26 2018 18:31 UTC
wvw api lagging again :(
Quaggan BooOOoot
Jan 26 2018 18:46 UTC
New discussion in API Development:

Update about API Communications
by (ArenaNet) Gaile Gray.6029 in API Development

We wanted to catch you up on some API-related news. Lawton Campbell, who has been very involved with the API community over the last many months, received a promotion that will require his focus in other areas. That deserves a big “congrats” for Lawton, but that means that at the present time, we don’t have a specific ArenaNet representative who will be reviewing your requests and bug reports or posting as frequently as in the past.

But fear not! We remain committed to the API and to you folks who are so involved in the creation of marvelous tools and other great things through its use. ArenaNet is examining how we can provide the best support for the API in the long term. In the meantime, I will do my best to try to bring high-level concerns to the attention of the dev team, and devs will continue to be active in addressing issues and in reviewing and implementing some of your requests.

We’ll fill you in with more information when we know more, but in the meantime, thanks for your continued support of the API and for all you do!

Jan 26 2018 19:00 UTC
good to finally have a post on the forums
Jan 26 2018 19:02 UTC
I do love it when the bot posts forum links, it's so handy.
Jan 26 2018 19:03 UTC
i agree
Quaggan BooOOoot
Jan 26 2018 19:05 UTC