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Feb 2018
Quaggan BooOOoot
Feb 10 2018 17:20

Special events in API
by Nagiil.1230 in API Development

Some month/years ago we get events like wintersday or the lunar event in the daily API in SPECIAL section.

Now SPECIAL is always empty.
Where do I get the special events in the API or when do we get it back?

"special": [

New discussion in API Development:
Feb 10 2018 18:37
^ caused me to write up #600
Feb 10 2018 19:29
all of the festival categories are assigned to 2 groups - historical and their festival group and the achievement ui just defaults to historical unless their festival is active
the api is just doing it backwards
Feb 10 2018 20:14
yeah, i assumed so
the api doesn't even have a festivals category :')
Feb 10 2018 20:16
should be 647D3B02-2302-41F0-88A3-6D88BB6F55CF if it ever gets white listed
Feb 10 2018 23:24
LOL :joy:
rytlock = panda confirmed