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Feb 2018
Feb 28 2018 08:23
possibly no longer mist convergence, poison trail and afflicted in snowblind? that would be nice
Feb 28 2018 16:34
Anet_Ben did comment about looking into that
Feb 28 2018 19:32
danm Optomising really is addictive
11.5 times more efficent after a bit of work
Mike Lewis
Feb 28 2018 19:41
I once spent a couple of weeks chasing a personal record for most dramatic optimization I could do... forget the numbers now but it was a real rush every time another couple of milliseconds shaved off :-)
Feb 28 2018 19:42
yeah it really is, my first attempt was a proof of ability, that I could do it
took about 2.5 min to run teh script
but that clogged up my vps for that time
second attempt was 30s
far better
now down to 13s
Mike Lewis
Feb 28 2018 19:43
..and then you get that itchy feeling like "hm, how fast can I make this go?"
Feb 28 2018 19:44
I am doing a parser for the api, crunching numbers as well for it
big thing for me was realizing that mongodb devs are better than me and let that do the sorting
Feb 28 2018 20:39 it works well for a days worth of data, going to be really interesting once it gets up to a year
have a csv output as well with selectable headers, working well in google sheets