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Mar 2018
Mar 07 2018 00:09
@ChieftainAlex ye still around?
=== Cloth Scraps === {{crafting tier recipe table|*Scrap}} any way I can extract teh data from that?
Mar 07 2018 02:00
if the instance maps of this episode will be available on the api, we're gonna get some funny map names :')
Mar 07 2018 02:00
why so?
I am now imanging a map called "Asura Drop tables;"
that would be funny
Mar 07 2018 02:03
or "scritt flip tables;"
or "Rytlock wipe tables;"
Quaggan BooOOoot
Mar 07 2018 09:03
New discussion in API Development:

How to handle event and boss timers?
by MrHunter.2396 in API Development

i'm making an app with information abput Guild Wars 2 as part of a school assignment. I've already integrated some API-endpoints, and now I'm thinking of putting an event timer into my app. As far as I know, there is no endpoint for starting times of events. i'm kinda confused on how to get started on the timers.
Do they jus spawn every 2 hours? How do timers like hadle this stuff.
I've already googled around a bit and haven't really found anything, neither on these forums or on some other random forum. So if i missed something please point me to it.

Also this is my first post in these forums, so i don(t know if it's under the right section since it's technically not a question about the api.

David Reeß
Mar 07 2018 16:28
With that Elastic Stack working propperly there is really nice data coming in :D (last 24h of API requests to gw2efficiency)
Can recommend, spent hours playing with dashboards
Mar 07 2018 16:54
:+1: looks cool
Mar 07 2018 20:53
now that's a fancy dashboard :+1: