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Mar 2018
Mar 12 2018 03:21
hmm, it's been a while, but is this list for the mumblelink maptype still up-to-date with all enums?
Mar 12 2018 03:50
that's a no
there's a 16 D:
Mar 12 2018 10:09
16 is public mini but the api just says public
Mar 12 2018 10:19
hmm, makes sense, mistlock is a public pocket instance, kinda :P thanks
Mar 12 2018 22:15
I hadn't realised the new map was in the api, but hidden on floor 49
defo not the default_floor = 1..
David ReeƟ
Mar 12 2018 23:05

@apoch > This also raises an interesting question of how to raise visibility on fixes or changes that are not originally reported via GitHub

lye used to write a short changelog in Gitter every time there was a deploy, that was super helpful

Could also improve upon that and write the changes into a markdown file in the github as well
Mike Lewis
Mar 12 2018 23:21
yeah I'm leaning towards a or something that can hold a history of what's up