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Mar 2018
Mar 13 2018 00:01 UTC
lye used to PR new endpoints for their JSON format
Mike Lewis
Mar 13 2018 00:16 UTC
I will probably keep doing that as well, but there's going to inevitably be little changes/fixes that don't merit a PR
Mar 13 2018 00:20 UTC
yeah, makes sense!
Mar 13 2018 01:31 UTC

also, lye was starting to use the github projects feature to showcase which issues were going to make it in a future release (yet unknown date); and then there's i tried to make up-to-date last year, but it's still missing some stuff from last year

but or something sounds cool as well ^^

Mike Lewis
Mar 13 2018 03:45 UTC
I want to look into GH projects too. I use them a fair bit in my side projects and they're great. Seems like they could be a handy way to get visibility on things. I guess part of what makes this tricky is making sure we don't accidentally promise or imply things that we can't deliver... So finding a balance of information is tough. Happy to work with everyone to dial that in, it just may take a bit :-)
Mar 13 2018 03:59 UTC
slap a big warning "subject to change" label on it :P
but more seriously, i get what you mean; take your time to determine what's the best option
in the mean time, repo having more activity :+1:
Mar 13 2018 19:58 UTC
Mar 13 2018 21:10 UTC

This also raises an interesting question of how to raise visibility on fixes or changes that are not originally reported via GitHub

I'm leaning towards a or something that can hold a history of what's up

Um.. could be that i'm not seing things right here but how exactly would a list of the History of things on Github would help on things not originally reported trough Github?

Where exactly is the raise of Visibillity of progress targeted at?
Is it maybe the Forums; because then maybe something like the Game Release Notes e.g. "API Release Notes" might be an idear, or i guess also maybe adding new Tags to the Forum like those on Github an then also labeling Questions raised there as on Github (as Questions seem to be able to be labeled at least as Answered if i remember corretly (i don't visit the Forum much personally)).

It's rather hard to give you any hints at what you could possibly do witouth knowing much about
who exactly you'd want to target (All GW2 Players; Only those Watching the "API Development"-Subforum; us on Gitter/Github here; or in general another Collection of People (possibly not only from the forums (i guess)) i can't think of right now (sorry :()) as well as
without knowing much about the granularity of the progress you're wanting to convey to them. (e.g. do you would like to only convey if something is either done or not, or would you also like to include if Questions and or Issues or alike need more Inforamtion in order to know how/if to handle them and or like manny other possibilities...)

I would also like to include that it might actually help here if you maybe tell, if feasable, what exactly you do understand under not originally reported via GitHub. (Did i guess right; thinking that this means the Forums only, or is there something else i can't think about right now you are also wanting to increase visibillity in and if, what did you roughly think about)

Mar 13 2018 21:14 UTC
not as if the new content from the API is flowing at a rate of knots, it shouldn't be too hard to write down what's changed for users.
Mar 13 2018 21:20 UTC
I know that it's not, at least not vissible to us, going fast; but i didn't say that it would be complex, just that there target scope of showing visibillity to people can hardly be told by other People not knowing internals.
But then again, thats only how i'd put it, or at least tryed to.
Quaggan BooOOoot
Mar 13 2018 21:57 UTC

Guild Treasury Endpoint returns different results based on language
by Greaka.6905 in API Development

Hi there,
this is something like a bug report, in hopes that the right people will see that. There is an issue with the treasury endpoint for guild leaders.

I made a website that shows all materials needed for a specific guild for the next guild hall upgrade. When I was debugging some visuals, I noticed that others had other amounts of items than I do. I pinpointed it to be based on the language setting ?lang=. At least for french and german, the api shows upgrades that cannot be obtained yet. Our guild is currently lvl 8, so it may be because we do not have unlocked all buildings yet.


New discussion in API Development:
Mar 13 2018 22:42 UTC
The skills endpoint is missing the Holo's Photon Forge skills, probably related to #573 and friends
probably all sorts of transform skills are missing
actually, its only Photon Forge off the PoF elite specs
Filed as #607
Mike Lewis
Mar 13 2018 23:03 UTC
@CuriousCharr I don't intend to make you guys solve this problem for me ;-) I appreciate the thoughts but I didn't mean for anyone here to have to answer the question directly. I'm just interested in some input on what you would like to see so we can factor that into our planning.