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Mar 2018
Quaggan BooOOoot
Mar 16 2018 09:54

Missing API Skills - Thief Steal Skills
by Target.6379 in API Development

Hey there,

Title says it all. I went through the entire list of skills but seemingly can't find the new thief steal skills for raids, unless I'm being blind. Will these be added to the API?

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Mike Lewis
Mar 16 2018 16:51
^ are these special action skills by any chance?
Mar 16 2018 17:01
thief steal skills? i think they're referring to the F1/F2 skill
Mar 16 2018 17:39
@apoch thief got new steal abilities specifically for raids
Mar 16 2018 17:46
speaking of which, there are a few duplicates in the skills in
Mar 16 2018 18:15
Just to clarify, they are released in februari of this year, they are a really new addition