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Mar 2018
Mar 20 2018 16:15
ehm, might want to inform the news people that they accidentally published a german post on the english website :')
Mar 20 2018 17:41
Well, that's fixed now :)
Mar 20 2018 19:43
I think its most important for /v2/skills to allow for sensible rendering of tooltips/skillbars
such as @madou his lib
(just plugging in him, so he can vent his opinion ^^)
Mar 20 2018 19:57

side note:

side side note: Have you considered staying arround, maybe starting to advance things to /v3 (possibly first from /v1 then from /v2, reimplementing things; while those are uphold) such that at some point in the furture maybe /v1 and /v2 could be fully replaced by /v3? :P