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Mar 2018
Mar 27 2018 18:21 UTC
I've been looking into why this gradient isn't appearing properly in my browser, and have finally concluded my monitor is incapable of rendering it
the second i start dropping the levels in GIMP, a gradient becomes obvious :/ until then it appears as a mixture of solid white and cream
Quaggan BooOOoot
Mar 27 2018 19:47 UTC
Eearslya Sleiarion
Mar 27 2018 19:48 UTC
I wouldn't wanna be the guy that forgot that flag.
Eearslya Sleiarion
Mar 27 2018 20:25 UTC
that would've been a perfect april 1st surprise
Mar 27 2018 21:02 UTC
still waiting for the rytlock tiles... @lye
(btw. nothing will ever top the helicopter in embark beach)
Mar 27 2018 22:08 UTC

that's a screenshot from our upcoming 64k intro, just wanted to throw it out to a test audience :)

"Hey; don't throw things at me" *growls* "Especially not if you might need it later" *throws Image back* :P

Would like to say it's a stunning looking Image/Render tough.

I've been looking into why this gradient isn't appearing properly in my browser

Sorry to ask, but what exactly do You mean if You refer to "this gradient" :o?

still waiting for the rytlock tiles...

You'll probably have to wait wait for that for a little while now. Comment Ref
In case you didn't see; I'll basically pointed out that it would be ok for me if they'd do more important things for now and as no one else objected,
well.. someone seems to be doing a lot, going by the Flood of closed Issues on Monday at least, of more important things at the moment.

For the moment I personally am rather hoping to see random Tybalt Ghost Tiles in the Map API again.

Mar 27 2018 22:11 UTC
@CuriousCharr Tybalt - right - i meant these
Mar 27 2018 22:13 UTC
Oh i see, so you probably mean #589 then i guess?
Mar 27 2018 22:13 UTC
just tybalt as an april fools
i just had the idea of a huge tybalt ghost image covering the whole tyria map - so that you only would notice it at lower zoom levels
but i guess that's a bit over the top
Mar 27 2018 22:17 UTC
Oh, i see i guess. Failed to follow at the part where you didn't specify what you refered to originally, witch would have been what i would have wanted to know :/.
(But that probably would be a bit over the top indeed, both in Pixels and in Impact, your probably right on that)
Mar 27 2018 22:21 UTC
Not going to lie: The Tybalt image is unsettling. That being said, I feel like all the other tiles should have apples on them
(btw. 1st of april is also easter this year... april fools easter eggs - you better not miss that opportunity!)
Mar 27 2018 22:47 UTC
@codemasher why? combining 2 pagan customs? :D