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Mar 2018
Quaggan BooOOoot
Mar 29 2018 04:15 UTC
New discussion in API Development:

Skritt legendary
by Shanhaeval.4971 in API Development

Dunno if this would be the area to ask this but would anyone else love to see a Legendary weapon based on the Skritt? I think this would be really awesome and think we need it as we have the Shooshadoo for Quaggan why not a Skritt one next? We have Legendaries that have a lot of races but nothing based on the Skritt yet...

ok, another focus group test on another picture
(still realtime, still a single 64k executable)
Mar 29 2018 11:30 UTC
oh darthmain you're from germany aren't you?
any place near saarbrucken?
Mar 29 2018 12:37 UTC
Saarbrücken is over 500km
ah :) not gonna suggest that you pop over to revision then :D
got a 1500km drive ahead of us so we get there by tomorrow
Mar 29 2018 12:45 UTC
looks nice though
have fun
Enno G.
Mar 29 2018 19:14 UTC
@queicherius Your Daily achievments are not correct on gw2efficency....
David Reeß
Mar 29 2018 21:14 UTC
@SchoolGuy I think they get pulled out of the API directly, which ones are not?
Mar 29 2018 21:23 UTC
Looks okay to me.