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Apr 2018
Eearslya Sleiarion
Apr 01 2018 00:12
well that's one reason to want an api feature
god help us
clippy has invaded the wiki
Apr 01 2018 00:24
you mean clip-o-tron in what i can only call the laziest implementation ever
certainly beat last year at least
Apr 01 2018 02:00
i recently blocked all audio by default in my browser, so i don't even hear the sounds it's making
but this brings me back to windows xp days haha :D
Enno G.
Apr 01 2018 06:43
@queicherius Sorry for the late answer (notifications are broken). I had definitly diffrences, but I wasn't clever enough to take a screenshot... So I guess it was a one time issue... If there is a next time I take a screenshot.