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Apr 2018
Apr 03 2018 12:22
yeah it is
it's all procedural :)
Apr 03 2018 13:26
Including the images?
Apr 03 2018 13:44
including models, graphics, textures, music, EVERYTHING.
all of the pixels and soundwaves in that video were created by a single executable of 64 kbytes, in real-time, without any external data (besides the operating system)
Apr 03 2018 22:24
hmm, i don't think we have a flag on /v2/items that shows if an item can be stacked no?
also, i just noticed that support refunded 15 recording devices, and they have a DeletionWarning flag on them... plus i finished the collection already
it's also on reddit and apparently they couldn't have done it any other way >_>