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Apr 2018
Quaggan BooOOoot
Apr 04 2018 15:39 UTC
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Need help/advice for API to get Guild info via JSON or HTTP :)
by Kiwi Kans.6390 in API Development

Hello Everyone,
I'm not new to API's in the past I've used Google Sheets with scripting to pull data from GW2SPidy.

My very small guild just captured a Guild Hall and I wanted to pull some info about upgrades and their progress.

I've gone through the GW2 API Wiki but, I'm having difficulty grasping the formatting and requirements. For example I have no idea where to look to get my Guild ID which some of the API Commands ask for, and if I try to get some basic info via HTTP command it tells me that my key is invalid.
If you could please nudge me in the right direction, it would be appreciated. :)

Thanks in advance.