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Apr 2018
will this become a regular thing? 🤔
if so, i feel a new api endpoint idea coming
actually, it's even possible to combine a potential /v2/festivals with this into a /v2/events (ehh, need a better name because confusion with dynamic events) that returns an array of active events (festivals, bonus events, etc)
even the call of the mists buff in pvp will fall under this
Apr 16 2018 17:53 UTC
lazy using gitter as a host
Apr 16 2018 18:04 UTC
wait, double experience in wvw? I hope that's "wvw experience", because you don't even gain regular experience in wvw anymore :D
Apr 16 2018 18:05 UTC
it should be yeah
which is gonna be interesting
wxp is pretty hard to get imo
too bad this saturday is a work day in hungary