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Apr 2018
Apr 27 2018 18:28

Oh hey; i see You have responded way sooner than i was anticipating You would. Well done ✓.

I can understand Your Point. I was hessitant with creating an Issue for this in the first place because i could't tell weather or not it might not actually be working as intended or not, as well; even tough it seemed/s to be off somehow.
I then decided against it, as i didn't wanted to, again, create an Issue for something only for it, then to be ignored for like half a year.
I mean, i would have even rather have had someone close it and tell me that this won't happen anytime soon, preferably including an actually reasonable timeframe of when it would be, or even that it won't hapen at all; other than to have something hanging in Limbo, anywhere between somewhere and nowhere, not knowing if it will ever even have a chance, or just be discarded as impossible as soon as someone actually takes time to look at it. It's simply difficult to have something that bares no indication whatshowever of how long it will take for it to be avaiable or if it will even be available at all and i know, assigning concrete times is an extremely difficult thing to do and almost always something You dont want to do either (ok, at least concerning Scrum Projects); but please at least try to asign rough estimations of task size, such that if someone actually starts with it, it can at least be estimated how long it would be. (I'd find lye T-Shirt sizes great to have, for example)

Either way, be sure to have fun confirming the intentions behind the color whitelist or, in case You already did that, i hope You were having fun doing so and am happy You already got so far.

Mike Lewis
Apr 27 2018 23:30
I would love to be able to put sizes on tasks, and maybe as we get more practice we can start doing that. Right now, though, we don't even know how hard some changes are without doing a lot of investigation. It turns out that for a lot of API tasks the investigation is the bulk of the work, and by nature we cannot predict how much work that will be until it is basically done. Even when we do know something is easy or hard, there is no way we can give accurate predictions of when it will reach the live game. So I worry that shirt sizes just add confusion: "This is a Small so it should be done soon!" That kind of thing is inevitable but makes people dissatisfied with our "predictions" when they turn out incorrect.