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Apr 2018
Quaggan BooOOoot
Apr 28 2018 10:05
New discussion in API Development:

Still waiting on Living World Season 4 maps to be added to API
by Vegeta.2563 in API Development

Would be nice to hear at least something is going on with the API.. feels like it's slowly being abandoned :anguished:

Apr 28 2018 19:06

Ok, i'll have to give it that Shirt sizes could be mistakenly taken as an absolute Timeframe estimation, beginning on the estimation Date, ending on the release Date, instead of relative Timeframe estimations, beginning as soon as someone finds time for an Issue, ending when everything that was needed to be done in order to fix the Issue has been done, weather or not that turned out to be within the estimation or not obviously, as it is only that, an estimation, not a guarantee.

Other than this, i'm afraid to say that then, for me at least, it then seems to en in a tradeof between
either provided estimated Times, People might get dissapointed as mentioned if they should happen to misunderstand, but otherwise would at least be aware how difficult there Issue might be;
or provided no estimations and or Communication (as e.g. the two weeks ~two and a half week ago) it might appear as if nothing would be going on but otherwise People can't really be dissapointed as presumably nothing was ever vissibly evaluated, leaving nothing that could be devalued later.
I guess a perfect Solution for handling the Time and the Comunnication regarding the Issues off the API might simply not exist.

I pesonally wouldn't see if someone; say estimated the /v2/colors Issue ( #624 ) as a simple thing to do in the begining, but then later changes this to difficult because e.g. the investiagations revealed that the Informations /v2/colors provides aren't provided from a Database as expected, but instead are Hardcoded values, witch would also requiere an enquirie for exact values of all the missing Colors from the responsible Team(s) first; as a bad thing, because to me this is someone telling me that he found out about something that he didn't know before, rendering the old estimation obsolete by recently additionaly avaiable Information, leading to a now reevaluated difficultines using the new Information now rendering the Issue as difficult, including the reason as to wy it came to this change in difficulty.