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May 2018
Quaggan BooOOoot
May 25 2018 07:09
New discussion in API Development:

Question regarding character data
by ushort.4865 in API Development

Hello, I was checking api and noticed there was no access to information such as a characters map completion. Is this something that will be added in future or is there a reason for not having that data?

May 25 2018 19:20
Some things to whitelist:
Source item ID Source name Taught recipe ID
71618 Recipe: Machined Weapon Core 9295
85321 Recipe: The Twins' Harpoon Gun 12353
86431 Recipe: Tixx's Harpoon Gun 12590
86572 Recipe: Tixx's Short Bow 12610
86605 Recipe: Tixx's Claymore 12528
all those taught recipe ids need whitelisting, i.e. 9295,12353,12590,12610,12528
Mike Lewis
May 25 2018 19:34
whitelisting should be completely automatic
May 25 2018 19:34
there are also quite a few items missing
these to be exact:
May 25 2018 19:38
Also, I'm comparing at the gen 1 legendary collection recipe boxes on the wiki with the API. Whilst the wiki seems to suggest you unlock the "Legendary Inscription" recipe (recipe id 72261), this one isn't noted. Is there some kind of invisible auto-consumed item when the collection is completed?