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Jun 2018
Jun 30 2018 12:03

wvw kill api broken :fire:

"deaths": {
"green": 0,
"blue": 0,
"red": 0
}, "kills": {
"green": 0,
"blue": 0,
"red": 0


Quaggan BooOOoot
Jun 30 2018 13:00
New discussion in API Development:

Random bad request error when starting to get data from the API
by Thiraz.4279 in API Development

My web app used to work fine for weeks and suddently I get bad request errors when getting data from the API.

I usually get an error between the second and the 5th pages requested. It happens on the production server and in my home development environment.

Here is the website:

Here is the code to get the data:

public static async Task<bool> GetData()

Jun 30 2018 13:13
Uhhh, what happened to achievements? only lists 66 ids
same with skins, only 141 ids
and 40 recipes
seems like achievements, recipes. items, itemstats, maps, skins, mailcarriers, minis, outfits and titles are all broken
Jun 30 2018 13:24
each time I request for example I get different ids
sometimes only 12, sometimes 73 different ids
and everything in between
Jun 30 2018 14:04
something's fishy here. lowest i got for achievements was 2 :fire:
Jun 30 2018 15:46
/v2/maps randomly returns 404
Jun 30 2018 16:04
yeah I was getting 404s on maps about 5 hours ago, started tweaking stuff on the wiki
Quaggan BooOOoot
Jun 30 2018 17:03
New discussion in API Development:

Achievement Endpoint is broken
by WeAreTwO.9780 in API Development

Since a short time the achievement endpoint is completely broken. The Categories does not contain any achievements.
And when i want to request the daily achievements I just get a 206 partial content response with 3 achievements in it. Requesting the single achievements result in an "no such achievement" response.
=> Empty category (every other category is empty aswell),3784,1937,1936,1967,1964,2026,1933,1857,2816,3450,3449,1847,1846,1851,1850
=> Todays pve dailies return just a random number and 206 partial content

David ReeƟ
Jun 30 2018 17:49
Yeah pretty much all endpoints are broken
@apoch @dsnider-anet
Jun 30 2018 23:12
Jun 30 2018 23:13