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Jul 2018
Jul 08 2018 01:55

None of the UI is still powered by anything like a http URL endpoint, correct?

I would like to write a bot to help announce the daily instabilities for the fractal dailies now that they're random, but there's no API endpoint for that yet.

Jul 08 2018 20:13
only the gemstore is driven by a URL afaik
can't access the fractal list.
Might be a line or two from Ben on reddit somewhere about getting this info into the api if you're lucky.
fractals team generally delivers.
Quaggan BooOOoot
Jul 08 2018 23:10
New discussion in API Development:

Accessing resources: log
by Guardian of Angels.9867 in API Development

Hey all,

the wiki states the following:

Each endpoint can be accessed directly to get a list of resources. Each resource can be accessed as a subpath of the endpoint. Alternatively, a single resource can also be accessed by specifying the id query parameter at the base endpoint. Multiple resources can be specified by specifying the ids query parameter instead. The latter expects a comma-separated list of identifiers and returns an array of objects instead.

For example, /v2/quaggans returns a list of quaggan identifiers, e.g. "hat" and "box".

A single resource, e.g. the "hat" quaggan, can be accessed at /v2/quaggans/hat or /v2/quaggans?id=hat.
Multiple resources, e.g. both the "hat" and "box" quaggans, can be accessed at /v2/quaggans?ids=hat,box.