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Jul 2018
Quaggan BooOOoot
Jul 09 2018 18:16
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RIP TotalBiscuit
by CZaR.8935 in API Development

Woah... i just learned... i am more sad that i learned it by that piece of crap jessica price talking kitten about him on twitter... so sad... only thing thats making me feel any better is knowing she ended up getting fired for being a toxic person... i dont care about the whole "feedback" debate, nor the "sexism" kitten (lol).... but dude.... the guys dead... how can you be such a evil person?? i sincerely hope she burns in hell with her pink slip stapled on her forehead.

very sad that it came to this... Rest in Peace Total Biscuit, you made great videos, getting haters like jessica price all salty just proves it, you will be missed

David Reeß
Jul 09 2018 18:25
How do people find that subforum
Jul 09 2018 18:42
I don't know, they just click buttoins