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Jul 2018
Jul 12 2018 11:19
has anyone of you the v1/event_details.json from before cache/whitelist problems lying around? the one online keeps new getting events (e.g. rift and elisa)
Jul 12 2018 15:07
eslint/eslint-scope#39 be mindful about this if you are using this package
Quaggan BooOOoot
Jul 12 2018 18:22
New discussion in API Development:

traits -> skills array. Isn't it superfluous?
by Nokomis.5076 in API Development

Hi everyone

v2/traits has an array "skills". For me it seems like the skills listed inside there are the very same the v2/skills gives, together with all facts/traited facts.
This seems like duplicate information.

Wouldn't it be better to make an array of integers for the skills and let people resolve them against v2/skills?