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Jul 2018
Quaggan BooOOoot
Jul 17 2018 11:25
New discussion in API Development:

API Requests limitations/throttling
by Demonic Shadow.8357 in API Development

I'm pretty new with GW2 API and I really want to build some apps with the API. (for fun and self-use, not for sell or anything)
As a test I have written a little program to get the achievements one by one (async), and got after a while an error saying - "too many requests", which makes sense.
I only wish to know what is the limit? so basically how many requests per "x" (minute/second/..) so I will be able to avoid this issue.
Also - if someone figured out the optimal ratio between getting several ids in one request to amount of requests, please notify me :)
(For example - the ideal ratio could be achieved by combining 10 ids in 1 request or something like that)

Jul 17 2018 11:57
Right, every time I forget that the forum has a horrible CSS for code blocks :unamused: