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Jul 2018
Jul 20 2018 17:20
hmm, any chance someone knows on the top of their head if error message for a 403 for missing scopes contains all the scopes, or just one?
Right now I can see that characters/inventory returns "requires scope characters" even if both scopes characters and inventories are missing :thinking: 🤔
seriously gitter... update your damn emojis
Jul 20 2018 17:24
I think only one missing scope
Jul 20 2018 17:24
well that kinda sucks :(
Jul 20 2018 21:00
@Archomeda you could ask the endpoint beforehand
Jul 20 2018 21:04
That's not really a wise decision for an API wrapper ^^
I just wanted to see if I could somehow make the exception include a full list of missing scopes
But if the API doesn't provide it in the error response, it's not that big of a deal.
Quaggan BooOOoot
Jul 20 2018 23:07
New discussion in API Development:

Odd Cache Behavior
by Armeth.3145 in API Development

I have a job that runs every 5 minutes and pulls data from /v2/commerce/transactions/history/sells. The same stale data is returned every time for hours. If I hit the endpoint with postman once, I see the stale data. If I hit it a second time, I see the stale data. When I hit the endpoint the third time, it seems to invalidate cache and finally returns updated data. Does anyone have an idea of what might be happening or how I could work around this?

Daniel Snider
Jul 20 2018 23:38
API Update:
  • Fixed a change to the caching behavior of some endpoints that caused stale results to be served indefinitely until the endpoint was requested more than twice within 15s