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Aug 2018
Quaggan BooOOoot
Aug 01 2018 11:53
New discussion in API Development:

Soldiers are gods
by Beowulf.5678 in API Development

It didn't hurt him. He's invincible. This kitten made the game The soldiers are in the circle.Look at five people.

Aug 01 2018 11:54
again some mod moving a weird forum discussion into the api category…
Aug 01 2018 12:09
i did report the previous one with a request to not do that lol
Quaggan BooOOoot
Aug 01 2018 18:32
New discussion in API Development:

Suggestion for daily achievements
by Elfo Bianco.3786 in API Development

APIv2:/achievements/daily and APIv2:/achievements/daily/tomorrow actually miss lot of informations.
I know that actually you are working hard on API, and that API is not fully back to its power, but for when it will happen I have a suggestion to discuss with you about the two endpoints above.
From in-game menu we have lot of categories in Daily group, but the the mentioned endpoints return only pve, pvp, wvw, fractals, and special; all as Object.
Hoping that you will integrate all the Dailies, I have a question: why these two endpoints don't return any ID!?
All other endpoints that don't require authentication return them, I don't understand why in these cases there aren't string ID like "id":"pvp", "id":"pve","id": "wvw", "id":"fractals", "id":"special" and so on, instead of object called with those names.
Considering that you sometimes add new Daily categories I think that uniform these endpoints to the others would be the best choice.