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Aug 2018
Aug 02 2018 18:59
looks like a typo on hardly working
Aug 02 2018 19:10
as long as they're not interested in tomorrow, the following would work..,88,142,145,149,159,163,172,194,204,207,208,213
Aug 02 2018 20:19
yeah, the dailies endpoint is something that lye wasn't happy with when he created it :(
Quaggan BooOOoot
Aug 02 2018 20:44
New discussion in API Development:

Something strange from APIv2/items
by Elfo Bianco.3786 in API Development

Hi, I'm updating a local data file from APIv2/items endpoint, but now I have noticed that sometimes (especially when I update data and at the same time API adds new IDs to the same endpoint) I get the exact total amount of IDs as reported in "x-result-total" header, but some of them are duplicates while others (same amount of duplicates) are missing.
Different languages of the same endpoint may return distinct missing/duplicates IDs.

Just to mention, because I'm not sure that what I'm writing now is related to the bug above, few days ago I got 57 IDs from APIv2/wvw/upgrades, but now this endpoint return only 48 IDs; ID: 5,6,9,24,26,32,47,49,58 are no more whitelisted.

Anyway I have opened the discuss about APIv2/items, but I'm pretty sure that this bug happened even with APIv2/recipes and maybe few other endpoints.

I'd like to know if someone else could confirm the issue.