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Sep 2018
Quaggan BooOOoot
Sep 08 2018 15:46
New discussion in API Development:

Translating Mumble coordinates to API:2/maps coordinates
by Grax.9204 in API Development

Hello there

I am struggling to translate the coordinates provided by the mumble file into ones that match the coordinate system used by the API:2/maps.
More precisely, I am working with the coordinates from TacO files which are based on the mumble coordinates.

The mumble coordinates seem to be relative to the current map while the maps API provides coordinates for an entire continent.
So what I tried is to add a maps continent_rect NW x and y values to the map relative coordinates from mumble.
The resulting coordinates are offset though. It appears that the map relative coordinates are not based on the maps NW corner but some seemingly random spot somewhere in the maps middle.

So I tried to calculate the maps center point using the API:2/maps coordinate_rect information.

Sep 08 2018 19:58
Anyone know what v2/characters is sorted by if you request everything via "ids=all" ?
wondered if there was some logic behind it or if its random
Sep 08 2018 20:00
probably the same order as character select
Sep 08 2018 20:06
sounds possible
which is basically last-logged-in character i guess
Sep 08 2018 20:11
Other thing i noticed was missing when putting together was that there's no mount dyes / outfit choices / outfit dyes / glider choices / glider dyes for the characters endpoints.
guess it's just forgotten