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Jan 2019
Jan 19 16:40
@Silveress_Golden_gitlab i implemented a bit of code that lets me search through all items including descriptions and the like and am wondering how other people might have implemented it. atm its a simple inverted index (i cache all items once, parse them into an index file that i load afterwards)
(eventual use case is a farming tracker for an overlay that im building for fun where you can track items even if they are not in your inventory, but im far from there )
Jan 19 17:10
@mkalte666 you're working on an overlay?
Jan 19 22:13
maybe. i dont know. thing im building started out as a "lets play with the api a bit" project and to have a map drawn on another screen.
Its a nice thing to continuously tinker on however, and building an overlay is a nice target to work towards. i want everything else to work before however, and i really should clean up my codebase. Its grown ugly
Jan 19 22:30
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