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Feb 2019
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Feb 01 00:34
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Item not found in items/<itemID> for some item IDs in commerce/prices
by zxzfff.8013 in API Development

Recently I've been working on a coding project with the Guild Wars 2 API. In my program, I retrieved a list of item IDs from, than I tried to retrieve the name for each item in the item ID list with<itemID>,<itemID>....,<itemID>. I requested 200 item details at a time. However when I got to item 3800, I tried to get another 200 names but I only got 177, which I found very odd. So I did a test, and I found out that some ids in commerce/prices cannot be found in For example, item "Box of Rejuvenating Scale Armor", with an item ID of 8973, is found in the list in But when I search for it in, like so:, it gives an error saying the item id is invalid. I find this quite trivial because how can something being sold in the trading post not exist? Meaning, has the item been deleted from the game? Or is item/<itemIDs> only used to search for a specific category of items (e.g. items and crafting materials, but not boxes)? Or am I missing something else? Help would be highly appreciated 😊.

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