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Enno G.
I am also voting for waiting until everything is ready. Seems the more practical approach for me. Also you would have more time for testing your changes!
same for me, waiting until everything is ready
until we have some kind of lookup table to convert the array into the meaning, the raw data isn't worth much
Ryan Mast
The static data would be interesting (no need to parse the JSON and read fields of values), though it isn't terribly useful without knowing more about the structure; which would be easier to figure out with a JSON version that's human readable.
Quaggan BooOOoot
New discussion in API Development:

by Jey.2349 in API Development


I'd really like to use sites like https://wvwintel.com/#2203. It is a map overview of the current WvW matchup and gives great insight for enemy movement.
Unfortunately it seems that the API content gets stuck or isn't updated quick enough every now and then.
You're able to see the issue when no objectives on all three maps were flipped for a while.

Things tested:

Quaggan BooOOoot
New discussion in API Development:
Quaggan BooOOoot
New discussion in API Development:

Requesting /guild/:id/log Stash deposit type entries show the bank tab
by NullValue.4956 in API Development

I'm working on a raffle system and it would be very handy if the log entry said what tab an item has been deposited in. Example would be trying to track gold deposits into the Guild Stash for example. the in-game log is able to show what tab an action was done in.

"id": 52573,
"time": "2019-01-05T01:38:16.000Z",
"type": "stash",
"user": "AccountName.1234",
"operation": "deposit",
"item_id": 0,
"count": 0,

Quaggan BooOOoot
New discussion in API Development:

Request for cache information headers for cached resources
by Flomix.3982 in API Development

If I'm not mistaken there are a lot of endpoints that are cached, so the result might be off by up to 5 minutes or so.
It would be really helpful if that could be reflected by header values, so it is transparent if / when / how long data is cached.


  1. I access https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/account/raids to get the raid progress. The first call takes a bit longer than subsequent calls, sometimes 5000 vs 100 ms, so I assume the first call has fresh data, subsequent not.
  2. I finish a raid encounter.
  3. I access /account/raids again, but the just finished encounter is missing.
  4. I have to poll /account/raids for up to 5 minutes to see the updated encounter list.

What that implies is that whenever I read such data, I have to delay for at least 5 minutes and read the data again, to be sure that the data is current and not cached.

Wouter Van Speybroeck
Hi is it possible that https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/wvw/matches/overview?world=2001 returns incorrect data? According to the response 2001 (fow is linked with 2003 piken square) which should be linked with gandara if i'm correct?
nvm that i'm looking at the wrong response, i have a response in my logging that links 2001 with 2012 wich is piken square
but if i look at live data it's already 2003
my bad
it's my own caching that isn't refreshed
@woutervs the wvw api has some caching issues nevertheless. It can take up to an hour for matches to refresh, so new matches after reset may take up to an hour to appear on the api (they appear in the id-list, but the start/end-dates show that it's still the old match)
Shii Kayano


// "current"/"max" are the counters, if any, for the achievement
// progress. They'll be set for all achievements -- boolean achievements
// are treated as if they had "max=1".

What does the "if any" mean in this case? Are there example achievement structures where there is no counter?

Shii Kayano
I've looked through my 1898 achievements and found:
  • 1 with max=0,current>0 (ids=152);
  • 22 with current=0,max>0 (ids=1010,1256,1259,1384,1386,1387,1421,1762,2764,2790,2793,3002,3257,3923,3926,3931,4044,4060,4155,4624,4626,4654);
  • Out of the above 23, only 10 can be found in v2/achievements: (ids=3002,3923,3926,3931,4044,4060,4155,4624,4626,4654)
Quaggan BooOOoot
New discussion in API Development:

Guild aetherium generation information
by Nightgunner.2896 in API Development

This may be a weird request, but would it be possible to add the timestamp of the last aetherium generation tick to guild info?

I noticed in my own guild hall that without any speed upgrades aetherium seems to always generate based on when aetherium capacity was last made available. That is, the capacity upgrade was unlocked at 2019-04-29T04:30:54.000Z (using up all 500/500 aetherium, changing the available capacity from 0 to 1500) and the ticks have been happening every 60 seconds on the :54 of the minute. Before that, the mine was unlocked at 2019-04-28T20:11:29.000Z (changing the available capacity from 0 to 500) and the ticks seemed to be happening around halfway through each minute.

This is technically something that applications could calculate for themselves, but it gets very messy, especially if the guild log doesn't include enough information due to upgrades being done a while ago.

This is the last piece needed to replicate the guild hall upgrade UI on a website.

(Also, just as a side note, some of the early upgrades like ore synthesizer 1 don't seem to require their building even though they do require it ingame.)

New discussion in API Development:

Guild missions
by Nightgunner.2896 in API Development

Similar to the daily achievement API, it'd be nice to be able to see what missions are assigned to guilds this week.

Ben Lubar
@queicherius how often does gw2efficiency pull static data like guild upgrades?
it looks like they're showing correctly in the API right now: https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/guild/upgrades?ids=174,478,434
Quaggan BooOOoot
New discussion in API Development:

Native to Linux via Vulkan
by Gizmo.4530 in API Development

Hi everyone,
I have recently being advised to post a suggestion and ask how many others out there using Linux would like the game to be made native for the OS. (Ubuntu, Mint, Peppermint etc).
Yes is may take some time and I'm sure there are a lot of Linux gaming enthusiasts here, but a suggestion from a large amount of people should hopefully give us some attention.
I suppose the best thing would be a shout out. Let me know how many out there.

Email from Arenanet:

...Thanks a lot for taking the time to share your ideas about running Guild Wars 2 on Linux! We have found that the best way for the Development team to gather and review player feedback and suggestions is through the official forums. We ask and encourage players to post their ideas in our forums...

Members of the Development Team read the forums daily, and while they usually cannot respond to individual suggestions, the fact that team members can review those suggestions in a public forum helps them gauge the level of interest in a particular idea, and also allows other players to discuss and offer feedback of their own.

Erik Humphrey
it's been awhile since I've worked with JSON
how can I get the value of a currency from the /account/wallet/ endpoint?
for a certain ID
I'm drawing blanks since it's not layed out like https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/currencies/ where i can just get the attributes of https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/currencies/2 for example
or rather, how do I parse it if there are multiple arrays (one for each currency)?
Erik Humphrey
well, I sort of figured it out
I used array indices, like foo[24]
but I want to get the object with ID 25 (without looping through all of them)
also foo[24] gives me the object with id 28
or the array of the currency with id 28 rather
anyone know why? is there a better way to accomplish it?
David Reess
@BenLubar I cant remember, either every time you open the page or not at all
David Reess
@BenLubar Also the prerequisites for those are empty for me
Ben Lubar
@queicherius strange - here's what I'm getting: https://pastebin.com/raw/iU1s2Lyd
@ErikHumphrey what language?
@ErikHumphrey you have to match the ids that are given. In both endpoints they are an array of objects
You cannot depend on the array index
So in the case of the account wallet, there's no other way than to just loop over the array and find the correct object
If you need to find multiple objects, you can of course loop it once and transform it to a id -> object map/dictionary
Erik Humphrey
@BenLubar C#
@Archomeda ah, my only option is to loop through the array until I find one with the right ID?
Erik Humphrey
seems a little computationally expensive but I got it working pretty quickly