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May 2016
Ben Hutchison
May 30 2016 00:50

Argonaut 6.2 is such a big change, it really deserves to be 7.0. I say this because I thought I'd try 6.2, and I found it broke many things, particularly due to its use of Either rather than scalaz.Disjunction.

+1. At work we have large codebases we're trying to upgrade from 6.1 -> 6.2 (to be on the latest scalaz to be compat with other libs). The changes to decodeEither are proving disruptive. The return types aren't compatible in practice, eg for-comprehensions, unit test assertions, and require rewrites throughout the codebase and tests.

Jan Vincent Liwanag
May 30 2016 02:15
@benhutchison i ran into having to upgrade to scalaz as well. there’s a branch right now on argonaut - series/6.1a.x that has updated deps. but no releases from that branch yet