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Jul 2017
Mark de Jong
Jul 17 2017 15:03
Is there a variant of xmap on CodecJson where decoding of failure is taken in to account ?
Mark de Jong
Jul 17 2017 15:44
This is not nice to write
implicit val json: CodecJson[MerchantStatus] = codecJson[String]
    .xmap[MerchantStatus](x => fromString(x).getOrElse(sys.error(s"Could not map '$x' to a MerchantStatus")))(_.status)
Colt Frederickson
Jul 17 2017 15:49
@Fristi The best thing to do is to write an encode json and decode json instance separately which correctly addresses the partiality of your conversion.
Mark de Jong
Jul 17 2017 16:31

This might be a useful contribution:

  implicit class RichCodecJson[A](val codecJson: CodecJson[A]) {
    def narrow[B](f: B => A, g: A => String \/ B): CodecJson[B] =
        x => codecJson.encode(f(x)),
        cur =>
          codecJson.decode(cur).flatMap(x => g(x).fold(err =>, cur.history), DecodeResult.ok))


      x => fromString(x).fold[String \/ MerchantStatus](-\/(s"Could not map '$x' to MerchantStatus"))(\/-.apply)