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Mar 2017
Ming Kim
Mar 25 2017 01:24
Hi, I'm trying to search various ways to monitor tensorflow weight tensor.
I know we can watch these variable tensors through, tf.Print(), tf.py_func()and tools like tensorboard, tdb, tfdbg
But is it impossible to use IDE(like Pycharm) for this?
I tried by myself, and couldn't find some places to set a breakpoint.
Please tell me if you succeed tensor debugging using IDE. Thank you!
Siddharth Jain
Mar 25 2017 12:25
I was coding a new op to be added onto the library but i compiler encountered an error when i accessed the element in the ith index of an object of tensor class using parenthesis
i.e. object(i)
which says:
error: 'object' can't be used as a function.
Please tell me what should i do? Thanx!