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Nov 2017
Saurabh Vyas
Nov 08 2017 14:24
can anyone, please help me with tensorflow datasetapi ? I am wanting to create a simple dataset for speech recognition, each component consists of mfcc , and target transcription , there is one problem , mfcc is not implemented by default in tensorflow, so I am using python implementation using tf.py_func, but I am getting a strange error
UnimplementedError: Unsupported object type Tensor
     [[Node: PyFunc = PyFunc[Tin=[DT_STRING, DT_STRING], Tout=[DT_DOUBLE, DT_STRING], token="pyfunc_7"](arg0, arg1)]]
     [[Node: IteratorGetNext_7 = IteratorGetNext[output_shapes=[<unknown>, <unknown>], output_types=[DT_DOUBLE, DT_STRING], _device="/job:localhost/replica:0/task:0/cpu:0"](OneShotIterator_7)]]