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    Ark could concievably be an ICO platform that could accept any type of funding coin (Bitcoin, Monero, BitcoinZ) and issue any type of coin in the ICO. I just thought I would drop by and share this idea. I would love to help with it if the Ark community thought it was a good idea. I believe very strongly in my Uncapped Blind ICO Auctions. I think they are the future.
    I am currently learning Solidity (struggling but trying) because Ethereum might be able to pull of my model in the near future, but this three-chain ICO solution is feasabily more versitiles, and there is no reason to limit myself. Anyways, I am a big fan of Ark. I wasn’t sure where this would go, but since my ICO idea requires privacy features, I thought here would work.
    François-Xavier Thoorens
    ICO by nature is centralised (i.e. money is collected by one entity). What you want to do i guess is some sort of DAO so the community get a back control over the funds deposited. Hence the smart contract over ETH
    For a 3 chain as you mentioned, a few notes:
    • smartbridge implementation is centralised so far (there is no decentralised implementation).
    • you need to run 3 chains with at least 51 servers each, so business models (ie incitative) for all of them should be strong.
    • privacy: pseudonymity is nit enough?
    As long as the market cap or token bids are private, the scheme is still better than current ICOs at eliminating Game Theoretic advantages. Do read my articles if you are interested. But full shielding of all transactions and the total in the escrow is ideal. A savvy company could estimate the final price by looking at the escrow and doing surveys of how much people were/are thinking of bidding. Even more importantly, full anonymity discourages participants from bidding crazy high market caps just to get into the ICO because they have no idea what they would be getting into (30m? 150? More?). This setup discourages speculations bubbles when there is full anonymity.
    Maybe I don’t understand Ark’s SmartBridge goals. I thought it could trigger events on other chains like Ethereum or even Bitcoin. Anyways, thanky you for the feedback. I wish Ark the best.
    François-Xavier Thoorens
    • yes will read more in depth
    • ah ok did not get, i thought you wanted to setup 3 ark chains. Yes connecting ETH or BTC is possible (see ACES for an example https://aces-ark.io/)
    The three chain set up would be: 1. A funding coin like Zcash or Bitcoin. 2. Smartcontract (Ark). This would control the other two chains and coordinate the ICO. 3. An issuing coin. It could be an ERC20, but you could issue a Z-clone or any type of coin that a SmartBridge had been set up for.
    François-Xavier Thoorens
    I see, that would be a good use case for aces, the team would be interested for this @bradyo
    Cool! I see you can do Solidity with Ark, so maybe we can collaborate (once I start to get proficient).

    How exactly is an Ark Address contencated?

    assuming that one already has a 12-word passphrase, what is the process?

    generated specifically for this example,

    How would I generate wif and address for

    ark devnet> account create
    Seed    - private: bullet parade snow bacon mutual deposit brass floor staff list concert ask
    WIF     - private: SEZuJZouNK8GLXNApjciH4QnSKiNr971exVcL2Y6XfrDF5o977zB
    Address - public : DStZXkgpEjxbG355nQ26vnkp95p24U9tsV
    ark devnet>

    for devnet
    0x1e + sha256(seed, utf8)

    but what else?

    Been looking over different ark wrappers,
    and I'm still not understanding the exact process.

    My goal is address/sig generation on IoT devices,
    so many of the typical libs aren't available;
    though many IoT devices support things like ecurve,
    so it should be doable.

    keys --> ecdsa.keys(hashlib.sha256(passphrase )) --> publicKey,privateKey
    address --> base58.b58encode_check(NETWORK_MARKER + hashlib.ripemd160(publicKey)[0:20])
    each network got a marker to change the address first letter
    and another marker to change the WIF


    So if I take:
    `bullet parade snow bacon mutual deposit brass floor staff list concert ask'

    and sha256 I get:

    So 950981CE17DF662DBC1D25305F8597A71309FB8F7232203A0944477E2534B021 is what I perform the curve on to derive the pub/priv?

    then b58encode_check(0x1e + ripemd160(ecdsa.pubkey))

    have a look

    Beautiful, thank you.

    and secp256k1 is the ec algo for pub/priv, correct?

    Kristjan Kosic
    yeah @sleepdefic1t
    check here getAddress function - you will also see the flow @Moustikitos mentioned of address generation

    Thank you, brotha!
    I'm sooooo close to Ark address gen/signing on metal!

    Really hope we get to do a hackathon together again too,
    I had a lot of fun meeting up!

    Kristjan Kosic
    same here man
    Pat Zingo
    @kristjank @sleepdefic1t is there any chance you'll come back to Hack Princeton?
    Kristjan Kosic
    hi Zingo...
    all is open... what do you have in mind
    was a great event
    Pat Zingo
    I'm trying to learn enough about the code base to help implement the ArkVM
    Kristjan Kosic
    when you have questions and issues we are here... on on slack #development
    Pat Zingo


    Nice to see you here!
    No concrete plans,
    but I think doing another Hackprinceton would be great.

    So far as ArkVM;
    As Chris said, here and slack#development are great places to poke around.

    Start playing with all the different wrappers in the ecosystem too;
    There’s well-over a dozen now—I believe—and comparing different approaches has usually done a good job at driving new concepts home.

    Regardless, “welcome aboard!”

    guy... if you're interested i wrote a simple encryption method using passwords...
    Hi folks - does anyone have any experience with javascript RSA encryption, using public / private key pairs that already exist?
    Are there any open source implementations of group signature schemes?
    I implemented recently very secure password encryption algorithm for Arndroid \
    Duncan Hoggan
    Anyone here got experience/understanding around the specifics of RSA with OAEP encoding?
    Hat.sh | Online file encryption using the WebCryptoAPI
    Hi, anyone has experience to sign xml documents using Transforms and Digest method used in here using xml-crypto js library
    Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 7.29.42 PM.png
    <ds:Transform Algorithm="http://www.w3.org/2000/09/xmldsig#enveloped-signature"/>
    <ds:Transform Algorithm="http://www.w3.org/2001/10/xml-exc-c14n#"/>
    <ds:DigestMethod Algorithm="http://www.w3.org/2000/09/xmldsig#sha1"/>
    how to convert rsa string key to acceptable format
    Hello there guys
    Rahul Singh
    Hello guys, I'm working in a use case where a have to send some encrypted data from user A to user B. so that only user B can see decrypting data by using his private key, but the thing is I don't want to save users private key on sever. where should I put private key on web securely, like end to end encryption.
    could anyone can help me with this.