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Nov 2016
Nov 22 2016 13:57

Hello everyone. I'm coming here from issues on GH asking before filling the issue.
I'm having troubles running even the simplest demo of RdKafka. I'm running the macOS 10.12.1 (Sierra). My PHP is installed via homebrew. I tried both 5.6 and 7.0.

When I install/enable the rdkafka extension (via homebrew or manually compile, tried both) and then run $rk = new RdKafka\Producer(); I get segmentation fault. I tried both Apache & cli mode for the code.
However in phpinfo() everything looks OK. I tried homebrew's v0.9.1 and manually installed 1.0.0. v2.0.0 won't compile.
Any ideas? Is there a way get more info from that segfault?

Nov 22 2016 14:38
OK, for PHP7, you must use rdkafka 2.0.x.
Paul Dragoonis
Nov 22 2016 14:58
@srigi hello! I'm using PHP5.6, with Kafka 0.10. Only started few days go. Did you get your segfault fixed?
For php-rdkafka, there's a php7 branch you can use, which will be more uptodate than the 2.0.x tag.
The readme says "git checkout php7" to get the php7 code. Hope that helps.