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Jul 2017
COLE Edouard
Jul 05 2017 15:09
Hello, we are handling tons of messages with php-rdkafka and librdkafka, and this is very good job guys. We're wondering if some of you already encountered this behaviour: when a consumer have to be properly stopped, we send a SIGINT to the PHP process, and we call pcntl_signal_dispatch() after each consumed message. We registered a callback on SIGINT, and simply tell the main loop to quit as soon as possible. This is working like a charm when the consumer have been started for a few minutes, but when the PHP process is running for... let say 10 days, it never finishes. It looks like it is waiting for things to finish, but this is never happening, and we have to kill it.
We're using librdkafka (2213fb29f98a7a73f22da21ef85e0783f6fd67c4) and php-rdkafka (86feceba2469dd3442d96d0f73ea65c916b8f17f) and PHP 5.6.30
(and kafka version: kafka_2.11-
Magnus Edenhill
Jul 05 2017 15:38
@sandvige 0.9.1 is really old and the consumer has seen a lot of fixes since then. I suggest you try librdkafka v0.9.5 (or 0.11.0 which will be released soon)