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Dec 2017
Mathieu Pipet
Dec 18 2017 13:45

Hi, everyone, We encountered what I guess to be an issue, but I post here before as asked on github.
Our hight level consumers won't exit even if we call unsubscribe.
PHP v5.6.32
phprdkafka v3.0.5
librdkafka 0.11.3

We have a working setup in production with
PHP v5.6.32
phprdkafka v3.0.1
librdkafka 0.9.2

So we run some tests on a machine, with differents versions of librdkafka and phprdkafka.
We tried with any version of phprdkafka and librdkafka 0.9.2, we didn't encountered any problems.
So we tried to change librdkafka version, the last working version is 0.9.3
Hope it helps