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Mar 2018
David Goodwin
Mar 22 2018 13:51
$message = $consumer->consume($timeout); 
try {
catch(Whatever $e) {
     // log/decide if we can retry
So I was expecting if commit/commitAsync wasn't called that the message would be retried, but this doesn't seem to be the case
is it just a case of allowing that exception to cause the process to exit? or do I need to call $handler->handle($message) again myself - i.e. the message won't reappear through the consumer ?
David Goodwin
Mar 22 2018 13:57
(while there are commit() methods, there obviously aren't rollback() like methods ..... Is there any point in me calling commitAsync() in the above? )
Ariel Conti
Mar 22 2018 20:14
hi there
im getting Class 'RdKafka\Producer' not found
but its all ok about the lib
what i'm supposed to do?