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Sep 2018
Sep 03 2018 07:09
Hi all, I need to implement one producer and on topic with same message consumed by 2 consumer need code for same please help me ASAP
Sep 03 2018 13:59
@sonalithakkar - producer - consumer
What way of consume do you suppose? You can consume in parallel (every message will be consumed twice) or you can consume consistently (first consumer retrieve one message, second consumer retrieve next, then first next etc.)
Sep 03 2018 15:24
Consumer consume parallel. One message consumed by 2 consumer parallely
Sep 03 2018 16:28

Ok. In consumer example you can see this code

$conf->set('', 'myConsumerGroup');

If you set different in your scripts they will work parallel.

Mathieu Pipet
Sep 03 2018 18:08
@sonalithakkar I strongly advise not to set anything in production if you do not know all kafka base concepts:
and / or