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Oct 2018
Oct 26 2018 09:01
Hi, I have a problem with using rdkafka. We use auto create feature for topics in kafka, but we are using kafka-manager to delete topics after some time. The problem is deleted topics reappears in kafka after some time. I found that those topics are created again when rdkafka fetches for metadata. Is there any way to fix it without disabling auto create for topics in kafka?
Paweł Niedzielski
Oct 26 2018 09:17
@chabior why are you deleting topics? You can configure a topic to drop it's data after entry TTL has expired instead.
Oct 26 2018 09:31
@steveb_gitlab we have a lot of topics and we need them only for limited time. We are deleting only empty topics which are cleared after retention period by kafka.