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Repo info

    Hello, everyone!
    I'm trying to start an expressJS server to run my app but I get the following error:
    Running "express:livereload" (express) task
    Warning: Arguments to path.resolve must be strings Use --force to continue.

    Although those are strings:
    livereload: {
    options: {
    server: path.resolve('./server'),
    livereload: true,
    serverreload: true,
    bases: [path.resolve('./.tmp'), path.resolve('/Users/Admin/Documents/Projects/goodfood1', 'app')]

    Could you please give me an idea how to fix this?

    Idan Even-Hen
    Hi, I have problem to install the package
    node 5.7
    Ahmad Farouq Hamed
    hello guys
    i can't install the package
    Ahmad Farouq Hamed
    any updates here ?
    Hi All / Arvind ..
    seeing an weird issue after using arvindr21/blueimp-file-upload-expressjs
    first time it worked after fighting with the lwip ..
    now , the upload works for the first time .. next time when I load the page , get method on /upload is having issue
    app crashes

    throw new TypeError('Path must be a string. Received ' + inspect(path));

    TypeError: Path must be a string. Received undefined

    this is what I see in the log ..
    upgraded node to 6.4.0
    anyone seen this / any idea whats wrong ?
    Miguel Diganchi
    Hello everybody! I'm here because I want to know how can I do to allow "*mov" extensions with this plugin? (sorry about my english)
    I am trying to integrate blueimp plugin in express.js
    but SWIG is giving error at
    {% %} tags
    How can I fix it
    hello is there anybody to help
    Aaron Ballard
    Hello folks, has anyone here used blueimp with angular 1.6?
    heyy guys....
    I am working on the chunk file resume. I was able to resume the upload, but only one more additional chunk is uploaded, then the fileuploaddone event is fired. If I look at the data parameter received in the fileuploaddone event handler I see that data._progress.loaded:524288 and data._progress.total:1268288 which would indicate to me that the jquery file upload should not be emitting the fileuploaddone event. Has anyone else come across this situation?