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Oct 2015
Asbjorn Enge
Oct 28 2015 07:32
Nice :-) Flask seems like a good option! Yeah, we keep it separate - client js app and json api.
But before we get started on making some models etc. we need to define what the project (mainly) should do and be... we need a basic feature set that we realistically can implement and get something out to validate the idea (if it helps and people can and want to use it etc.)
Doesn't seem to be an option to get help or backing from organizations etc. at least not until we have anything to show...
Maybe the best thing we could do is to just collect user generated content to help document what is happening by providing a simple interface/app to browse and publish content... Should we mainly focus on video content?
Brian Tomlinson
Oct 28 2015 07:48
I think video is the sexy option that will get the most attention, but that we should also allow for text. As in, we'd start as a simple livestream service and then move onto the more "difficult" things, such as realtime mapping as things progress
And I totally agree regarding defining what we actually want to do before going further (that's why I stopped at a single root handler, just to show the concept of a basic endpoint in flask)