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Apr 2015
Apr 21 2015 05:32
Hi !.
I have only little experience with python and webservices, so I am currently playing around with rostful and see how I can improve it. I am in touch with a few people from the ROS community, so I hope this will go smoothly.
I am still evaluating rostful, but I think it would be beneficial to have some webpage, with js code to be able to send messages easily - without having to type the whole json -. Ideally it would be nice to be able to "autogenerate" a webapp to command a robot, based only on ROS data... Not sure how much of this is feasible or how yet, so I m just messign around.
Apr 21 2015 05:55
The plan is to use/integrate it in a complex setup where humans can control robots. human control would be done via web request.
So for rostful, we ll need to modify/extend it a bit, and release it as a package, and keep maintaining it.
So if I ask more specific questions :
  • are you okay with the idea of having client pages generated in rostful ? generation might be a long term goal, but we need the structure / software design in place asap IMHO...
  • how would you advise I do that ( I started using werkzeug, and making 1 more WSGI App that I ll access via a DispatcherMiddleware )
  • do you want to remain the official maintainer of rostful ? I am asking because there is no rostful package for indigo and we ll need to make one...
Ben Kehoe
Apr 21 2015 11:10
I'm fine if you want to become the maintainer of ROStful; I'm just happy if it is useful to someone :smile: Having procedurally-generated web pages for client input was part of the roadmap. I think it would be relatively straightforward to do. However, I would suggest more or less rebuilding it using an actual web framework. When I made ROStful, I just wanted a prototype people could try with no dependencies. I would use something like Tornado or Flask.