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May 2015
May 13 2015 05:27
Hi everyone, quick news update : I have added some login feature into Rostful( not integrated yet). I also implemented a quick prototype about how to detect and launch rocon interaction or rapps from rostful ( we can improve it later to run interaction from a webapp ). Rocon :
I currently have 3 views :
  • ros as REST
  • rocon frontend
  • ros frontend
    If you want to get it for a spin, let me know and I ll guide you through the setup.
    @benkehoe I would like somehow to keep the rostful4ros and rostful4rocon separated, although have them in the same package. Any advice on how to do this properly from within the python code ? Like enable the rostful4rocon part only if rocon is detected on the system... I was thinking about detecting exception during import...