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Repo info
    Hi guys, I'm experimenting with blazor. And I thought lets port the js proxies to a blazor (C#) class. Here is the beginning: https://github.com/asoet/Abp-Blazor-Proxy
    Fabricio Damazio
    @asoet i'll take a look! i'm experimenting with blazor too
    Hi guys ... ABP and ANZ websites seems to be offline.
    I Tweeted to @aspnetzero facing that issue ... are there someone here?
    Hey, just curious about some identity decisions implemented
    Currently Identity 3 doesn't have a permissions table. Nor does it have a claims table. So there is not way to specify available claims in a database. I'm looking to implement this functionality, and am curious if building a table called "Claims" then specifying the "ClaimType" as "Permission". Why didn't ABP do a similar functionality (because it's an Anti Pattern?), and also why isn't RoleClaims table deleted since it isn't being used?
    MdNadeem Shaikh

    Hey guys, i am trying to implement a custom login functionality in ABP(MVC 5 MultiWebAppJquery). My reqs are as follows As an admin user I want a capability to restrict users to login on certain days E.g.
    User A - Can login from M-F (Weekends not allowed to login).
    User B - Can login only on Weekends (M-F not allowed to login).
    I was thinking to give a Multi-Select control in the UI to choose which days user is not allowed to login. For User A it will be Sat, Sun(2 items) and User B it will be M-F (5 items)

    Here is my initial attempt first i was thinking to create UserLoginConfig.cs in (MyCompany.MyProject.Core.Authorization) folder.
    This class has to be something similar like UserRole, so that it can contain UserId and WeekName. So for User A #1 and User B #2, here is how data should be stored.
    1, Saturday | 1, Sunday | 2, Monday | 2, Tuesday ... | 2, Friday|.

    UserLoginConfig class will have two primitive properties (int UserId, string WeekName) and one will be navigation property (protected virtual User User) with a ForeignKey attribute on [ForeignKey(nameof(UserId))].

    In MyProjectDbContext file i will add a DbSet<UserLoginConfig> UserLoginConfig {get; set;}

    And use the generic Repository IRepository<UserLoginConfig> for validation via UserAppService method IsAllowedToLogin.

    I am not that familiar with ASP.NET Identity Authentication, i need some starter points where i can use my UserAppService.IsAllowedToLogin method to not allow users to login. I would really appreciate if any guidance or tips. Thanks

    hello papapa
    Luis Manuel Averhoff
    Hey, does anyone of a good open source api for C# that is good for generating previews for documents(docx, pdf etc)? I know of aspose but I'm looking for an alternative for that one.
    @LuisAverhoff opensdkxml
    Gökşah Taşyürek
    Hi there How to handle EntityNotFoundException ?
    Vitor Durante
    does this generate a project from git's master?
    Hello All
    Tried to setup MicroservicesDemo
    The project builds like charm!
    The database were created as expected
    But when i run AuthServer.Host i get AbpUserOrganizationUnits Invalid ExceptionFrom Entity Framework
    Is this has something to do with multi-tenancy?
    This is on APB Core

    anyone here trier to change the default location (wwwroot/App_Data/Logs) of logs to a custom one outside the wwwroot folder? (e.g. /home/logs)

    Thanks in advance